At Pacific Accommodation we know how the design and decorating of your home contributes to its overall presentation, which is very important when your property is also utilized as a vacation rental. From furniture to artwork, and appliances to other stylistic details – there are many things that guests consider when comparing vacation homes, and these days they have more options than ever. We specialize in every step of the airbnb set up and decorating process – whether you are remodeling your vacation home all together, preparing for a specific guest, or transitioning your personal home or property into an appealing vacation rental space. We will meet your personal design visions, while providing industry expertise on what guests are looking for. We have a valuable understanding of what is important to both you and your guests.

Pacific Accommodation is dedicated to understanding clients and providing design schemes tailored to meet their needs whether it’s a simple make over or a full project management. Depending on the scale of the project, we work with specialized teams and lead the whole process from design to completion as the “eye & ear” of my client.


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