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The Forgotten Isles is a fast-paced action platformer. Explore three serene islands, race through the levels, and find out the answer to the fabled island.
Chase the children to their sanctuary.
Can you become the fastest and the wisest?
Are you brave enough to tackle the most exotic levels?
Play The Forgotten Isles today.
What is Phantom Programming?
Our games are unique, mysterious, and thrilling. They contain a complex system of physics, making them really challenging to develop.
We have developed a multitude of games, but the latest releases include:
Our first game was a 2D puzzle platformer named Stompy Fuzzy based on the well-known PC game be released. In the game you play a cute little sea monster trying to find its way home. Its route is blocked by a number of creatures, like big crabs, sharks and sponges and finally you have to grab objects to overcome every new obstacle.
For more information or to order The Forgotten Isles, please visit:
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Music by Gamelion, Gamelion’s license allows for music and content use on YouTube under the Creative Commons license

Contact Us
Phantom Programming
611 NW 26th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

For Phantom Programming’s other games, please visit:


Come find us on the web!



Features Key:

  • A Free-roaming 3D world that places you and your friends in a unrivaled setting.
  • A hand-crafted level of suspense, danger, and dark humor that will have you up all night playing.
  • Five action-packed mini-games that have two primary missions: destruction, and survival.
  • Doom and Destiny delivers the ultimate challenge of using stealth, knowledge, and skill to fight the reign of Hell in a living, free-roaming world.

    Welcome to Hell, bitch.

    You will never forget it.

    Awesome as it is, Hell deserves nothing but your full attention. It’s your new home and it will redefine the way you think about video games. You’ll need your wits about you and your barrel of ammo.

    Prepare for a serious test in survival, danger and clever thinking.

    It’s an evil wasteland. Set your sights on the most deadly monster you can think of, for a return that will either save or destroy you.

    Everyone will remember the adventure.

    The biggest nerds in your circle are set to journey. Play alone or with friends as they attempt the ultimate “tetris” inspired experience. As the game progresses, the world is set to become exponentially more challenging.

    Single-player storytelling never has been more dense, gripping, or epic.

    You’ll be doing it from beginning to end.

    As we kick off the high-stakes adventure, you will be given a vast arsenal of weapons and materials to craft and make those weapons become truly worthy. Some will be close with light and semi-automatic to get the job done, but some will have the power of high damage that must be handled carefully.

    Whether you choose to be a lone hunter or working with friends, the quest is to survive to continue on.

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    Cherry and Trix are on a journey to discover a lost past. To help them traverse through a diverse world of magic and danger, learn of their individual strengths and swap between them to face the immediate challenge.
    You’ll never know what you’ll find around the next corner.
    Battle seamlessly in each level against a variety of monsters to level up and become more durable.
    Swap between Cherry and Trix in-game at the touch of a button! Trix is a strong brawler, capable of moving heavy boulders and facing off against a fully grown Ogre. Cherry is a mysterious ghost, for only she can fight demons or decipher magical flames.
    A wide selection of goodies to be picked up in the world from health vials to experience bottles.
    Over 36 levels to enjoy that are divided into six diverse areas with their own geographical themes and individual obstacles.
    Duke it out against big baddies that all require different tactics to tackle.
    Hidden keys to unlock secret chests? Check
    Hidden rooms with extra goodies? Check
    Hidden portals to secret levels? Checks all around!
    Brought to you by Sakura and Crit.

    New York (CNN) The US Supreme Court is weighing whether to hear the case of a Virginia preschool teacher who was fired for two episodes of pushing and pinching her preschool student, as well as sending the student to the bathroom with her husband’s toothbrush to clean it.

    Jennifer Heath was fired from her job as a teacher at Prince William County Public Schools in Virginia after the principal found out she had been disciplined in the past for child abuse. While Heath believes her conduct was appropriate, and never dangerous, her case raises important questions about the sensitive balance between a teacher’s right to express her beliefs and the First Amendment rights of the students she teaches.

    School districts around the country are grappling with questions about how to create school environments that protect students from child abuse while also allowing teachers to express their beliefs without fear of retaliation from their superiors. And it’s even more difficult in schools where a majority of the students are minorities.

    The prince William County Public Schools case is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

    Child abuse has long been a hot button issue in education, as the child abuse that occurs in schools has been widely documented, especially in low-income areas. The Innocence Project, a nonprofit that works to free wrongly convicted people, estimates that 1.3 million children


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    The Game “Brother Wake up” gameplay is a classic point and click game where you have to collect all parts of the watches. The watchmaker will curse you with a spell and your younger brother will become a cursed victim of the game. Your only hope is to collect all parts of the watch to reverse the spell and save your brother from the nightmare. You will have to find and search through a house full of objects, puzzles, and a bunch of monsters. You will play as a young evil and poor student who must decide to save your younger brother or be cursed like him. After a few minutes of gameplay, you’ll have to catch up with your younger brother who’s in his own time of the night and solve puzzles to collect the hidden watches. After collecting all watches, you must figure out the right order of them so that you can reverse the watchmaker’s spell and wake him up.

    Game “BROTHER WAKE UP” Review:
    This is a point and click game which looks like it’s based on a movie. That’s because it was based on a movie “What Lies Beneath” and the story was rewritten by Gameloft. So, you get to control an evil little guy and work on puzzles to find and collect watches and reverse the Watchmaker’s spell.

    In this game, you control a young evil, less than 18 years old, named Jasmine who’s being mentored by an old eccentric. But after the Watchmaker’s spell is unleashed, Jasmine gets sucked into the dreams of her younger brother who’s suffering the curse and turns into a miserable victim. It will have you searching all corners of a house and finding all parts of the watches.

    The gameplay is just like watching a movie. You have to find and collect all watches and solve puzzles in order to reverse the Watchmaker’s spell. After collecting all watches, you must figure out the right order of them in order to reverse the spell and wake up your brother. The controls are really easy and simple. You need to click on objects to find and collect them. There’s also monsters that you need to kill. Press the green button to throw a mine, to use the turret, and to step on the spiders.

    The game is very fun to play and contains lots of stuff to do. It doesn’t get complicated. It’s very easy to use. You will have to collect the watches and find them all. After collecting all watches, it will be easy for you to figure out the right


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      I’m a Gnome over here.
      What sort of sober size is the Extra Palette?
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      A common, base color.
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      What color do I use for honey pot?
      Then I’d have to try them for $3.00 a piece.
      I’m a Gnome – I’d rather be green.
      Two of those are different colors from the stuff that I used to have.
      So I have to buy new stuff and hope my next color change will be just right for my needs.


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      Help the brave viking king Ingolf find a cure! Some years have passed since the brave king Ingolf became the king of Iceland and was married to his beloved woman Dalla. In addition to his wife and their two little children he has built the most beautiful kingdom in the world and prospered. But one day a terrible danger comes to the lands of the brave king. A new disease is spreading across the kingdom. Only Ingolf can find a cure and save his family and his people!
      Travel to the far lands of the west! Visit wondrous corners of the ancient world! Meet new interesting characters and learn their intriguing stories! Discover the ancient mysteries and solve the modern challenge! Find a cure and save the kingdom! Help Ingolf is his search for the cure! Join Ingolf on his quest now!
      – 40 exciting levels;
      – 4 bonus levels;
      – rich and absorbing storyline;
      – great and popular gameplay;
      – updated graphics.
      We have made our new version of this very popular and very popular game
      Scandigram III!
      We listened to all your comments and suggestions about the gameplay, graphics, sound quality and the starting difficulty of the game and we have made many improvements.
      The new version of the game will be available soon. You can play the demo version of the game now. You can play all the levels of the new game using the demo version of the game.
      We hope you will like the new game!
      Scandigram is a classic point and click game which has a very rewarding gameplay with an exquisite storyline and fantastic graphics!
      The game features the royal quest of the viking king Ingolf. He wants to save his beloved wife and children from a terrible disease. The great but deadly disease has spread across the lands of the brave king Ingolf and the viking king must travel all the way to the far lands of the west and find a cure. But on his epic quest the brave king Ingolf will meet many interesting and different characters. Meet brave warriors, wise magicians, mischievous imps, mysterious elves and even the devil himself.
      The new version of the game features beautiful graphics, brilliant sound quality and updated gameplay. You can meet lots of great characters!
      The control is very easy to learn. Just click on the correct object to discover all its properties. Be a wise viking king and save your beloved wife and children!



      How To Install and Crack ONNANOKO KEEPER:

    • Download Kingdom Tales
    • Unpack the setup
    • Run the setup
    • Add a Google account if you have it set
    • Play the game

    Links that will help to play online:

    • Bado
    • Ayokkids
      “”>Three german Players

    “If you love casual games then you should definitely take a look at Kingdom Tales,” suggested CTO Aurousor. “It’s not my kind of game, but it’s your type of game. I’m not sure exactly why it’s your type of game, but it’s good, I’m sure.”

    The game was received “super-well in our survey this year,” the CTO revealed. A designer from NVIDIA donated the $2,500 prize, and “Kingdom Tales” is currently under official development in Russian studios, based on past experience. Aurousor said it’s mainly based on the mobile version of the game, but “does look really great.”



    System Requirements For ONNANOKO KEEPER:

    OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    Processor: Intel Core i3/2.6GHz or AMD Phenom II X4
    Memory: 4 GB
    Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 675 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 500 MB available space
    Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    Additional Notes:
    Sound Settings: Increase the volume of the game.
    High Resolution Backgrounds: Set Backgrounds to



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