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* _Photoshop_ is now available for most major operating systems, including:

* Windows XP and Windows Vista

* Microsoft Windows 7

* Linux and Mac OS X

The free and non-commercial versions of Photoshop include the full version of the software that is available for download on the Adobe website at ``. You can create and manipulate raster images using the CS suite of applications, Lightroom, and Elements.

Photoshop’s catalogue of features is enormous. If you’re a beginner, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself needing to perform simple tasks to get your images ready for use in other programs. For example, most users probably need to crop out unwanted areas before importing into a graphics program like Illustrator. Many people also need to convert images to a format that is suitable for importing into a particular graphics program.

This chapter begins with an introduction to Photoshop’s interface and the tools that are available to you. After providing an overview of the Photoshop’s features, this chapter explains how to crop and straighten images, and how to convert image files for use in graphics programs.

## Getting to Know Photoshop’s Interface

Photoshop CS6’s interface is a tad different from those of previous versions. The interface is made up of two panels, one on the left, the other on the right, that always face you.

The left panel, the workspace or Photoshop window, holds the tools you use for working with images. The tools you use for creating and manipulating images can also appear in the right panel. In the right panel, the tools that you use to alter images are called Adjustment Layers. The left and right panels are active areas of the interface where you can perform image editing. The main part of the image editing area, the media canvas, is usually covered by image and photo layers that hold the image. You can hide the edges of layers so that you can see the entire image at once.

The interface looks similar to an unfolded accordion. You can flip the panels over, revealing another view of the workspace, for easier access to tabs and buttons on the sides of the panels. The bottom of the right panel (see Figure 2-1) is tabbed for the common tools used to edit images. (See the upcoming sections “Working with Photoshop’s Tools” and “Creating a New File.”)

Photoshop offers a range of standard tools for image manipulation.

Figure 2-1: The

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Crack

Adobe Photoshop was first released as an application for desktop computers in 1987. It was a standalone graphics software that was released together with Adobe Premiere for Mac and Windows.

Free download: Adobe Photoshop Elements (version 1.0 – 9.0.1) Free download: Adobe Photoshop (Photoshop CS3 – CS5)

The current version of Photoshop is the last version of Photoshop for Mac and Windows. It is a standalone image editor, not browser based.

To the right is the current version of Photoshop and the original version. The keyboard shortcuts are listed on the next page.

If you are a professional Photoshop user, you may want to update to the latest version if you want to take advantage of its additional features.

Read also: Best photography apps for Android and iPhone.

This list is ordered by the release year of the software.

If you have seen one of the entries, leave a comment and tell us which version you used.

If there is an entry that’s not on this list, let us know in the comments.

Powerful image editing tools

Photoshop is a leading program for professional and hobbyist photographers, graphic designers, web designers and other image editors.

You can open, edit and save a variety of image formats with Photoshop.

Digital camera images come in a variety of formats, each file format with its own specific rules and limitations. These formats usually represent the raw file on the memory card, the jpg file, the tiff file, the png file or the other graphic file formats.

The steps that you can take with Photoshop to edit an image are as follows:

– Open the file.

– Apply the necessary filters, adjustments, editing styles and other tools.

– Adjust the layers of the image.

– Save and print the photo in an appropriate format.

The following sections give you an overview of the main Photoshop features.

Table of Contents: Photoshop Features

Open an image

The main Photoshop window contains all the necessary tools to edit and work on an image. It is divided into three panels.

The left panel is divided into four windows. You can work with a photo, video, graphic, and text.

The right panel shows the active image, the active layer, the undo panel, the history panel, and the navigation tool.

The third panel provides support for a blank canvas

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